Got most of Wily’s territory mapped and redrawn. A few important things to notice:

Witches Mesa: a mesa biome a boat ride away from the savanna. Dozens of witches spawn there in the night. No one knows why.

Wily’s House: a huge baobab tree hollowed out and made livable

Horses: the horse corral by Wily’s house

Bridge: stone bridge made to cross over the small sea by the savannah

SoaSoa Temple: an old building erected long ago and long since abandoned and devastated. There are believed to be old graves and tombs within the collapsed walls. The name SoaSoa translates to ‘Sanctuary’. This structure once might have been a burial tomb for a family, or those of high/important standing.

June Hill: a large hill in the savanna that withholds a massive cave system inside of it and beneath it. The name Junge translates to ‘Summer’, as this hill is notorious for catching fire during that season.

Jana Sehey: an old and long since abandoned cemetary that is impossible to get into without the right set of keys for the gate. Statues of guardian animals are posted all around the outside and fence made with cactus spikes line the inside. Most of the graves have been weathered down and cracked and the area is always dark, even by day. The name Jana Sehey translates to ‘The Resting Place of Demons’.

The Sun Hill: a very large, vera wide mound of sand and stone in the desert. It was named by how it turns completely white during the day in direct sunlight, often causing a blinding effect. Wily says the sand on the hill burns like hell, but I have hooves so I wouldn’t know.

Eastern Trading Post: a trading post that is occupied by villagers/testificates of some sort, very dark skinned people. They live underneath Sun Hill and in the forest and almost always have something good to trade. They are the Desert Masters, as well, and the River Gate keepers. No one passes without permission, though they are quite friendly toward non-mobs.

Dark Oak Trading Post: a trade post in the forest across the river made entirely from dark oak wood that sells everything you could imagine ; but made out of wood. 

Panji’s Temple: an old temple worn and destroyed by time and weather. The only thing remaining is a rusted trap door locked and covered by a heavy stone slab with the word Panji engraved on it. The temple is believed to be the resting place of one of the Originals, Panji, whose name means Song in the Old language.

Important Land Marks:

Acha Desert: this area includes the savannah and the desert; it stretches on far more than is shown on the map. The name Acha translates to ‘Dry’. This is literally the dry desert. 

Dedona River: a long river coming in from the sea often used as travel. Dedona River seperates the Acha Desert from the Nosoli Forest and stretches on for many, many miles. The name Dedona translates to ‘Dream’.

Nosoli Forest: a vast forest filled with all kinds of plant and animal life. Anyone or anything that does not have a well-honed sense of direction will go into the forest and never come out; multiple people are reported missing when they try to get through the forest by themselves. Nosoli translates to Darkness; the Forest of Darkness.

Panji’s River: a short river coming in from the gulf that comes to make a light-colored pool of water. The name Panji is an old Ancestor of the Mud cats; her name means Song, and the river’s name is ‘The Song River’ or Singing River.


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